Direct Services

After we’ve completed an intake with you, we’ll be able to start providing you services. Our services are survivor-centered and can cover a wide range of issues. Click here to view our services or fill out an intake form.


LGBTQ+ Advocacy


Bilingual/Bicultural Advocacy

 The Bilingual/Bicultural Advocacy Program has the goal of overcoming unique barriers to safety faced by people in the Latino community and its diaspora.   

The Latino community makes up 21.5% of Coloradans, making it the largest racial and ethnic minority in the state of Colorado.

Rural Program

Rural Advocacy

Rural communities face unique barriers to safety, self-sufficiency, and services, including fewer comprehensive and accessible services in rural areas, the lack of privacy in close-knit communities, and ruralism, a form of discrimination held by urban institutions and advocates towards people in rural areas. 

13.8% of Colorado’s population live in rural communities, spread over 104,185 square smiles. 17.7% of Colorado’s rural population identifies as having a disability, compared to 11.8% of Colorado’s urban population.

Outreach Program

The Initiative’s outreach program is focused on making state resources accessible to victim-survivors of abuse who are persons with disabilities. With this mission in mind, our outreach focuses on victim service organizations, disability organizations, the criminal justice system, and any other miscellaneous groups that work with victims of abuse, persons with disabilities, or both.

Click here to view the presentations we have available and to request a training.