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The Initiative’s advocates are available during the week to assist and support you. We do not have a shelter, but we can connect you with shelters and safe houses in your area. Please note that we serve people who are currently living in Colorado. We do not accept walk-ins, please contact us to make an appointment. 

If this is your first time calling us, one of our advocates will go through our intake form with you, which takes 15-30 minutes. After the intake is completed, an advocate will follow up with you within 24 business hours. Please note that for safety reasons, our phone number does not come up when we call you. It will either say 0000000000, Private, Unknown, or Spam Likely. 

We do not require any documentation of abuse, disability or citizenship.

No requerimos ninguna documentación de abuso, discapacidad o ciudadanía.

Safety-Related Services

  • Safety planning for an individual who is living with their abuser, safety planning for when the individual has left the abuser, and safety planning for long term safety. 
  • Address Confidentiality Program assistance 
  • Relocation to safety planning 
  • Domestic violence education and warning signs

Self-Sufficiency Services

  • Affordable housing support and referrals 
  • Limited transportation financial assistance 
  • Coordination of resources to meet the basic needs 
  • Personalized Action Plan Folder with community resources and guide the survivors to learn how to self-advocate 
  • Peer advocacy to work with survivor’s lawyers, renters, therapists, etc.
  •  Assistance with paperwork for government assistance for basic needs    

Criminal Justice System Support

  • Court accompaniment for a custody hearing, divorce, protection orders etc. 
  • Assistance and accompaniment to file a police report 
  • Information about Victims Rights Acts and Victim Compensation 
  • Assistance with filling victim compensation

Recovery and Healing

  •  Self-care counseling 
  • Referral to trusted counseling groups that take Medicaid 
  • Healing through Activism

Interested in receiving services? Call us at (303) 839-5510 or complete the intake below. Please indicate if it is safe to call you. All information submitted through our website is completely confidential unless you mention child abuse or elder/at-risk adult abuse. An advocate will be in touch within 24 business hours. 

Intake Form

All information submitted is confidential. Please note that The Initiative serves people who are currently living in Colorado.

Safe Phone Number:
Safe Email Address:
Is there anything about your culture or disabilities that would be helpful for us to know about?:

Check if it is safe to call you:
Check if it is safe to leave a message:
Check if it is safe to email you:
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How do you want us to reach out to you?:

Demographic Information
City, County where you live:
City, County of abuse:
Do you live in a rural area?:
Are you currently experiencing homelessness?:
Are you currently staying in a Safehouse or Shelter? Which one?:
When is your exit date?:
Gender Identity:
Number of Children (Under 18):
Where are your children?:
Source of Income:
Medical Insurance:
Do you rely on your partner's income or insurance?:

Relationship to the Person who Harmed You:
Something else?:
Type of Abuse:
Something else?:
Date of Most Recent Incident:
Is there anything about the incident that would be helpful for us to know?:
Do you have a Protection Order (Restraining Order):

Additional Statistical Questions
Were any of your disabilities caused by the abuse?:
Have you ever been declined shelter due to your disabilities?:
Have you asked for an accomodation at a shelter and recieved it?:
Do you feel safe calling the police in an emergency?:
Did you experience child abuse when you were a kid?:
If yes, was it sexual abuse?:

Describe what prompted you to reach out to us today:
Do you have any personal safety concerns?:
Do you have any safety concerns for others?:
What are the biggest barriers you are facing to reaching safety?:
Is there anything else that you're worried about?: