Intake Specialist

Our Intake Specialist volunteer program trains volunteers to complete intakes with prospective clients. You will gain valuable crisis de-escalation experience, and become comfortable providing trauma-informed support for clients. Intake Specialists will also learn to use our case management system and gain valuable information about resources in Colorado.   

Requirements: Minimum 10 hours per week, with a 6-month commitment

Application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Each of our interns receives over 40 hours of training. Our internships are ideal for students majoring in Social Sciences, Social Work, Women's Studies, Special Education, Human Services, Human Development, Family Studies, Feminist and Gender Studies, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Chicano Studies, Behavioral Science, and Psychology but we welcome inquiries from any field of study. We also welcome applicants who are not taking classes or fulfilling an internship requirement. 

Victim Advocacy Internship

The Victim Advocacy volunteer and internship program gives individuals the tools to provide direct services to our clients as well as do vital outreach work for The Initiative. All interns will assist with both aspects of our advocacy.  The application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Direct Services Specialist

Our Direct Service Specialists begin by becoming intake specialists, then move forward to provide trauma-informed safety planning, advocacy, and crisis counseling, and gain a nuanced understanding of the barriers victims and survivors of abuse with disabilities face. Victim Advocates will take on their own caseloads and have their own clients.     

Requirements: Minimum 40 hours per week, with a one-year commitment.

Outreach Specialist

The Initiative’s Outreach Program is a key element in educating, and collaborating with, outside organizations and networks to build reciprocal relationships, garner sustained support, enhancement all programs, and create space for education and real social change. The Outreach Intern will assist in outreach, training, resource development, event coordination, and research. This position will also support the organization in areas of record-keeping, planning and development, and other administrative duties.

Requirements: 15-20 hours per week. 

Hear from the Interns

... While interning at The Initiative I was able to build professionalism, gain hands-on experience, and receive guidance from everyone on the team about how to be the best Victims Advocate I could be. In the beginning I was nervous... but the program director took her time training me until I was ready to go out on my own.

I felt empowered and encouraged that whenever I needed it there was always someone there to answer my questions so I could best serve the client... The staff made me feel welcome and appreciated in a way I have never experienced before. I felt like a vital part of the team and that they were counting on my services. I felt responsible to the clients as well and it felt great to be needed. This is an internship that will offer personable training, guidance, expertise, and friendship. The clients will build rapport with you, lean on you, and build your self-confidence. I will forever be grateful for the experience I have had at The Initiative and believe that any other intern would be too. - VC

The environment and staff were both warm and inviting. I was provided with diverse, intensive training, and was encouraged to apply it directly to my hands-on work. I appreciated the balance between supporting my learning and an expectation that I provide high quality services to our clients. I was more than prepared to enter the victim services field. - ZC

Thank you for the hours of advocacy provided by our interns in 2022!

Call the Chief Program Officer, at (303)839-5510 to request a paper or phone application.

Applications are currently closed for the fall 2022. We are now taking applications for Spring, 2023.  Click below for a printable application. Please return completed applications to