What Is Intersectionality? 

We all have a variety of identities based on our race, class, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, ability, size, citizenship status, and geographic location. No one identity is necessarily more important than the other, and everyone values certain parts of their identities differently. While the way we identify ourselves is personal and varied, the way society treats us based on our identities often follows troubling and violent patterns of discrimination and disadvantage. 

What Is Abuse?

There are many types of abuse. All types of abuse involve a Power and Control dynamic. Abuse is when one person gains and maintains power and control over another person. One of the most common forms of abuse is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), or Domestic Violence. Other types of abuse include Sexual Assault, Caregiver Abuse, Human Trafficking, Stalking, Elder Abuse, and more. Sometimes people can experience multiple types of abuse at the same time. Abuse is never the survivor's fault.