A black and white portrait of a young man with a beard looking thoughtfully into the camera.

Eric Lucas -Chairman of the Board 

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Summit Automotive Partners

A native of Colorado, Eric enjoys the outdoors and tries to go on as many hikes as he can, weather permitting. Eric also has a passion for the eradication of domestic violence in marginalized and under-served communities and has been an advocate for survivors of DV and IPV for the past 10 years. Eric found his passion during his undergraduate studies while advising his student group, the Latin American Student Organization, to volunteer with Adelante Familia, a House of Hope organization based out of Baltimore, MD. Adelante Familia’s main target market is advocating for Spanish-speaking women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. 

During his graduate studies, Eric was tasked with finding a community organization where he had to develop a marketing plan and present it to the community organization of his choice. Wanting to continue his passion for the eradication of Domestic Violence in under-served communities, Eric stumbled upon the Domestic Violence Initiative and fell in love with their mission. Once his class was over, Eric submitted a volunteer application to DVI and sat as the organization’s volunteer Marketing Director. Eric eventually held the Treasurer position for the Board of Directors, which he sat for two years. At the time, Eric lost both his grandparents, who raised him, within a matter of months from each other and made the decision to take leave from the organization. Even though Eric was no longer a part of the organization, he has followed The Initiative’s success. When Eric was asked if he would like to rejoin the organization, Eric was ecstatic to rejoin the organization that he considers his “home.”




Betty Wytias - Secretary 

Domestic Violence Attorney and Policy Advisor

Betty Wytias was the Colorado Attorney General's Domestic Violence Policy Advisor for almost 15 years, under Ken Salazar and John Suthers. As an Assistant Attorney General, Betty represented the Division of Developmental Disabilities; the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman; Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; the Medical, Nursing, Podiatry, Nursing Home Administrators, Plumbing, Electrical and other Professional Boards at DORA; sat on the Statewide DHS Child Fatality Review Team and the Domestic Violence Program. She currently does pro bono domestic violence work and, besides the Initiative, is the co-chair of the Leadership Council of the Center on Domestic Violence at UCD and is on the Advisory Board of the Colorado Chapter of the American Constitution Society. Betty is also a member of numerous bar associations, including the Colorado Bar, Colorado Women's Bar, the Sam Cary Bar and American Bar Associations, the latter as a three-year-member of the Commission on Domestic and Sexual Assault and the House of Delegates from the CBA. As a classically trained singer, Betty is a member of the CBA's Law Club and enjoys traveling to many parts of the globe for a variety of classical music concerts.


Sarah Moore - Board Member

Sarah Allie Moore is an influencer, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and activist whose work centers on a deep love for humanity. She leads discussions with leaders on transformative change through heart-centered leadership. With a special interest in consciousness studies, emotional intelligence, social justice, and creative thinking, she carries a deep passion to bring hearts and minds together for greater connection, deeper purpose, and radical authenticity. 

As a survivor of childhood abuse, Sarah carries a passion for anti-oppression work. Sarah believes in creating a world where safety, compassion, and justice should be the foundational pillars of our society. She believes that we are our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper and as such, we are responsible for being the peace we seek to see in the world. Growing up with a disabled, single mother, disability rights and the dismantling of ableist culture are subjects close to heart. She has served as a 2016 National Delegate and currently works as a public servant in her career as a Systems Analyst. Sarah is also active in the Toastmasters Organization as an officer.

Sarah is a true multipotentialite. She can always be found working on several passion projects simultaneously, always focused around her love of community, personal growth and self-development. Sarah Allie Moore is inspired to serve and elevate her community and her world, whether through her activism around social justice, or by one enlightened conversation at a time. 


David Henninger - Board Member

Executive Director
Bayaud Enterprises

David E. Henninger has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1973, as the executive director of Bayaud Enterprises, Inc. (Nee- Bayaud Industries) which has been in operation since May of 1969 creating jobs for thousands of persons with disability. Bayaud serves over 1000 people a year and currently employs over 180 individuals with an operating budget of $8.2 million. He obtained a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Administration from the School of Business at the University of San Francisco and pursued doctoral studies in public administration with an emphasis on nonprofit management at the University of Colorado/Denver.


Renee Sitler - Board Member

Disability Activist Community Member

Renee has lived in the Englewood, Colorado most of her life. Renee has been married to her husband for 45 years, 3 children and 9 grandchildren. She worked for an insurance company in the insurance claims department for over 35 ½ years, now retired. Renee learned about Domestic Violence Initiative (DVI), now the Initiative, from the Director of COVA. There was a need of a person to be on the Board of Directors and I have been part of the Initiative Board for 14 years. She said that it has been an honor to serve.